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Backed by a wealth of experience, we offer a wide range of different services. At Cassadys Solicitors, our business lawyers and legal representatives are on hand to stand by your business when required. To discover how we’re able to help you, simply get in touch with us and speak to one of our friendly professionals.

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Corporate & Commercial

As a professional team of dynamic business lawyers who utilise an outcome-focussed approach, we’re here to help you create your own success story. Since the British economy is now on the road to recovery and foreign markets have opened up, we have a future ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurship, business development, and commercial expansion like never before. Whether you are a start-up business stepping into a highly competitive market or a seasoned enterprise looking to further consolidate your position, we’re here to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to achieve.

Each induvial business we work with has their own unique requirements. To fully understand your goals and priorities, we take the time to carefully understand your needs. As well as focusing on the first steps, we’ll look at what you want to accomplish in the future. We offer simple and clear advice that is directed straight to the issue at hand.

When it comes to your business needs, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll deliver. To see how we’re able to help your company simply get in touch with our friendly experts to arrange a free consultation. Below, we have listed our various areas of expertise, so you can find out more about us.

Contract Law

At the basis of all commercial activity is a contract. Whether you’re a start-up business or a well-established entity, there’s no escaping it. When agreements are badly defined, issues and problems tend to arise. Thanks to our hands-on approach, we’ll help you with your contracts – no matter what stage you’re at. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you and your company are fully protected.

Intellectual Property Law

As we currently live in the information age where technology is all around us, authored material and trade names can be sent around the world in milliseconds. This is an unbridled opportunity but also a challenge. Renowned for our reputation, we have experience in acting for technology and digital companies. Utilising our skills and expertise, we can meet all intellectual property needs, such as:

• Registering a Trademark

• Securing Copyright

• Securing Trade Secrets

• Fighting for Your Rights in Infringement Action

Mergers and Acquisitions

We act in business takeovers and mergers. There are many reasons why your business would benefit from this including economy of scale, managerial synergy, and taxation. Mergers and acquisitions are high stake, and our ethos of clarity, conviction, and care will deliver you to your business goals.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is about the smooth running of your business. We’re here to advise incorporated companies on their duties under the Companies Act 2006, such as board meetings and shareholder resolutions, and what and when certain documents need to be filed at Companies House™. Our extensive experience can help you in setting up a partnership agreement and

smooth running after that.

When setting up your own business, the early stages may seem daunting. Even choosing the most appropriate company vehicle can appear difficult. As lawyers that listen to your needs and future

plans, we’re able to advise you on what vehicle is right for you from the options available.

International Trade

London’s position as a world financial centre and the increasing globalisation of the world economy means it is rare for a British company to not be engaged in cross-border trade. We offer our clients practical and workable solutions to engaging in commercial activity with other countries.

Compliance and Regulatory Law

The regulatory burdens or “red tape” has markedly increased over the last few decades. It can be a challenge for many businesses to stay on top of the rules, which can range from industry-specific regulations to health and safety in the workplace and anti-bribery legislation. We offer your business a compliance and regulatory package to ensure you always operate within the letter of the law.


A big part of any business is employment. We’re here to help you make sure that all of your employment contracts and staff and office policies are up to date and leave you protected. In the event of any disputes, our experience in litigation and mediation leaves us well-placed to reach your objectives. If you are an individual who feels you have been unfairly treated or dismissed, we’ll use all our experience to fight for your rights!

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution practice focuses on obtaining the best results! Whether you’re coming to us as an individual or the manager of a small- to medium-sized business or large corporation, we’re here to help.

You may be embroiled in various kinds of disputes, ranging from simple claims or defences to complex matters involving various parties and legal issues which may be spread across different countries.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

As legal representatives, our initial approach is to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly. This is done with the aim of saving you from enduring litigation, which can often be a lengthy and stressful procedure.

We may look to resolve the potential conflict you face by negotiating a suitable agreement between parties. In the event of an ongoing dispute, we’ll assist you in reaching a settlement through mediation or arbitration, or other methods of alternative dispute resolution.


In many cases, an initial resolution of the problem is not possible and the matter is litigated at court. With the necessary resources, skills, and experience to hand, we’re here to represent you in the most robust manner you would expect of a legal team.

As your lawyers, we work tirelessly towards ensuring that you take advantage of the best possible option available. We create a sound and logical legal strategy that has been designed to minimise and negate any damage which you or your business may face.

Inevitably, your matter proceeds with an advantage and we ensure that you obtain a result that is both fair and meets your expectations.


Unlike many law firms, we offer a number of cost-effective options that helps to cover your legal funding. For total peace of mind and an affordable answer, look no further than Cassadys Solicitors. If you need help settling a dispute or representing your best interests during the litigation process, rely on our professional team of experts.

Please contact us with any questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!