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Corporate and Commercial Law

Create your own success story and set up a well-recognised business by calling upon our solicitors. As experts in commercial and corporate law, we’re here to help you and your business. At Cassadys Solicitors, our experienced team works tirelessly to support your company.

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Commercial Contracts

A well-written and effective contract is akin to a fine work of art.

To help you obtain your goals, we skilfully draft agreements that fulfil your requirements. We offer a range of bespoke services that are in accordance with your commercial needs. If necessary, we’re here to advise and negotiate, as well as structure and finalise the entire transaction. Alternatively, you may only need us to focus on a specific aspect of an agreement such as liabilities, guaranties, or warranties within a contract. We combine our expertise in the requisite sector of industry with our skills in the crafting of a duly considered and practical contractual arrangement.

Our extensive experience in drafting contracts helps us to prepare a vast array of agreements on a regular basis. This includes:

• Shareholders Agreements

• Manufacturing Agreements

• Joint Venture Agreements

• Agency, Distribution, and Licensing Agreements

• Services Agreements

• Standard Terms of Business

• Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements

• Sale and Purchase of Goods Contracts

• Outsourcing Contracts

• Consultancy Agreements

• Lease and Hire Contracts

• Online Terms of Sale

• Online Terms and Policies

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law relates to the rights and ownership of one’s intangible assets, such as your ideas, inventions, or other creations. Below we have listed how they are divided. For more information about the sections, please get in touch with our team.


Patents are monopoly rights that prevent others from manufacturing, using, or selling your invention without your express permission. Essentially, they protect the mechanism by which your invention works, how it is done, its components, and the way it is manufactured. An application for patent rights can be granted in different jurisdictions, and the application process can between take 3-5 years.

We advise on patent validity and infringement, and we are representing clients in both offensive and defensive litigation in the Patent Office and IP Enterprise Court.


Protecting and enforcing copyrights are the main foundations of our IP services. We regularly assist our clients secure global copyright privileges and ownership of copyright assets, including:

• Assignments from Third-Parties and Independent Contractors

• Dealing with Employee Issues, Authorship, and Joint Authorship Matters

• Idea Submission and Work for Hire Issues

We provide strategic advice regarding licensing copyrighted works, entertainment properties, and software, including counselling clients on open source issues. We also counsel clients on enforcing copyrights and defending copyright claims in litigation and appeals. What’s more, we also coordinate with foreign lawyers in order to enforce rights and defend claims abroad.


Trademarks help to protect the uniqueness of your business - they can be names, expressions, tags, designs, logos, or signs. In order to own the brand identity of your business, you need to own exclusive rights to its use by registration.

We assist our clients in developing the uniqueness of their brands through correct trademark use and registration, and develop corresponding enforcement strategies geared toward identifying potential infringements early. By partnering with our clients to develop individualised approaches to trademark protection, we can also make prosecution and enforcement decisions with an eye toward how those decisions ultimately will affect litigation directed at other portions of their trademark portfolio, which can result in significantly reduced litigation costs.

We aggressively prosecute and defend:

• Trademark and Infringement

• Unfair Competition

• Trademark Dilution

• Cybersquatting

• False Advertising

• False Designation of Origin Claims

Intellectual Property and Your Business

The success of a business lies in its creativity and ability to innovate its products and services. It remains the responsibility of the creator of such unique ideas to protect them from being copied by competing business interests.

Intellectual property laws assist and enable you as a business or innovator to secure sole creative recognition of your product or service and reserve your rights, ensuring that you benefit from the hard work and time invested.

By ensuring appropriate intellectual property protection, the benefits are threefold:

• You Develop a Distinct Corporate Identity

• Saving Investment in Research and Development

• Protecting your Business Ideas, Products, or Services from Being Copied by Competitors

How We Can Assist You

In order to determine your IP rights, we identify the kind of infringement which you face, the extent of damage, and the relevant jurisdiction. Our assistance may be required in a variety of instances, such as:

• You may seek to protect confidential information through your contractual obligations.

• Your staff may seek to own the IP developed during the term of their employment.

• You may face malicious threats from owners of the IP rights or parties may seek an injunction to stop illegal use of your intellectual property.

Defending search orders or against unjustified or groundless threats from patent trolls or entities after a quick settlement, we regularly advise clients on the most efficient way to protect their IP rights whether registered or otherwise. We are instructed by businesses and individuals while managing intellectual property portfolios, from registration to enforcement to ensure that your creation is protected from infringement.

International Trade Law

Today’s globalised economy produces a greater variety of goods and services at a greater number than ever before. Through modern technology and transport, we are able to buy and sell products and services in every corner of the globe. The trend towards increasing levels of globalisation will continue and the law of international trade will continue becoming an ever-increasingly important aspect of commercial practice.

International trade law is much more than negotiation, drafting, and reviewing of contracts. Though that is of course very important, it is also about advising clients how to navigate the complex trade agreements. Such trade agreements could be bilateral or supranational and sometimes both.

What is important in this field of law is a meticulous attention to detail, a sound understanding of contract law, strategic thinking, and knowledge of international agreements. as well as solid international connections. Cassadys Solicitors offers you all of these, as well as sound practical commercial experience.

Whether you’re a commercial enterprise looking to break into new markets, or if you are an institution involved in international trade looking for sound legal advice, we are your first port of call.

Business Immigration

A well-written and effective contract is akin to a fine work of art.

Our founding ethos is to empower businesses! In keeping with our strong reputation in the entrepreneurial and technology sectors, we have a strong zest in acting for clients who add value to the UK economy.

We act for high-net individuals who wish to relocate to the UK under the tier 1 (investor) category as well as creative go-getters who decide the UK is the country for them to live out their business dreams under the tier 1 (entrepreneur) visa.

Many highly skilled migrant workers and the British companies they work for turn to us due to our strong record in the tier 2 category. If you are an employer, we offer comprehensive packages to make sure no stone is left unturned in your licence application and provide you with on-going compliance solutions to make sure you meet Home Office regulations.

Fashion Law

London is one of the leading fashion centres of the world, and is where we get to serve you from. Our experience in the fashion industry spans the entire range of legal services required. We support our clients’ needs in various issues including:

• Commercial Contracts

• Intellectual Property

• Employment Law

• Data Protection

• Media and Compliance with Regulatory Standards

The fashion industry is vibrant and ever evolving, which goes to the heart of Cassadys Solicitors’ ethos. If you require legal assistance, we are here to help. Our expertise enables our clients to maintain their focus on creativity, innovation, and retain their distinctive presence in the global market. Whether you are a small, specialist designer company, a large fashion house with an influential presence, or an individual designer or fashion model, we’re able to help you in:

• Preparing Distribution, Supply, and Marketing Contracts

• Trademark Applications, Objections, and Appeals

• Copyright Enforcement and Defence

• Design Right Protection and Disputes

• Preparing Intellectual Property Licence and Assignment Contracts

• Trade Secrets

• All Types of Litigation and Dispute Resolution

• Employment Contracts and Disputes Whether You Are an Employer or Employee

• Freelance Designer and Fashion Model Service Agreements

• Formation of Company and Shareholders Agreements

• Corporate Governance

• Compliance and Regulatory Issues

• Data Protection and Online Legal Issues

Please contact us with any questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!