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Dispute Resolution

From time to time, businesses may disagree on various legal matters. At Cassadys Solicitors, we are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution, helping you to either negotiate or solve issues. Whenever you need legal advice, turn to our highly skilled team of representatives.

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Dispute Resolution Services

Our Dispute Resolution practice focuses on obtaining the best results for clients ranging from individuals, Small or medium size businesses to large corporations.
You may be embroiled in various kinds of disputes ranging from simple claims or defences to complex matters involving various parties and legal issues which may be spread across different countries.
As legal representatives, our initial approach is always to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly. This saves you from enduring litigation which can often be lengthy and stressful.
We may look to resolve the potential conflict you face by negotiating a suitable agreement between parties. In the event of an ongoing dispute we could assist in reaching a settlement through Mediation or Arbitration or other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Often an initial resolution of the problem is not possible and the matter is litigated at court. We have the necessary resources, skills and experience required to represent you in the most robust manner you would expect of a legal team.
As your lawyers, we work towards ensuring that you avail of the best possible options available. We create a sound and logical legal strategy designed to minimise and negate any damage which you or your business may face.
Inevitably your matter proceeds ahead with an advantage and we ensure that you obtain a result which is both fair and which meets your expectations.
We are experienced at offering you cost effective options which would cover legal funding. This makes litigation affordable both in terms of money and peace of mind.
If we could assist you in either settling a dispute or representing your best interests during the litigation process, contact us

Let Us Represent You

Defending yourself against criminal charges is a multi-faceted and often complex process. It requires experience in defence litigation, legal expertise involving analysis of the evidence, and the ability to effectively apply logical, scientific, and innovative legal arguments to secure the best possible outcome.

We use the best industrial experts to help prepare a robust defence at trial, meaning that you don’t have to face it alone. Instead, we work with you at all times, ensuring that your best interests are served and your rights upheld. Our areas of expertise consists of:

• White Collar Fraud

• Money Laundering

• Bribery & Corruption

• Restraint & Confiscation Proceedings

• Cyber Crime

• Terrorism

• Extradition

• Homicide

• Sexual Offences

• Assault

From robustly defended trials in complex matters to appeals at the higher courts, we obtain enviable results every time. We accept instructions from clients on an individual basis or from firms of solicitors.

Judicial Review - Click for more information

Judicial review is an important safeguard to British democracy. It gives an individual the chance to ask a court to review a decision made by a public authority such as:

• A Local Council

• A Government Department Such as the Home Office

• A Government Agency Like the Police Force or HMRC™

• A Regulatory Body Such as Ofcom™

This is not a full list of all the different types of public bodies that could be subject to a judicial review claim, and the important thing to bear in mind is the right to seek judicial review is quite a wide one. In essence, the body that took the decision must be providing a public service.

In order to argue a successful judicial review, a claimant needs to show that the public authority’s decision is either unlawful, irrational, or subject to procedural impropriety. So, if you think a public authority has made a decision that directly affects your rights as a private citizen, then a judicial review claim may be your avenue of legal redress.

Cassadys Solicitors has a wealth of experience in judicial review litigation, and if you wish to speak to a member of our team about a potential claim, please do call us or complete the contact form.

Mediation - Click for more information

As mediators who act for clients within the UK and abroad, we are acutely aware of the time-consuming and expensive nature of the litigation process resulting in far reaching consequences on all parties.

• We mediate disputes in the following manner:

• Viewing all parties to a dispute as potential participants in reaching a settlement.

• Developing a firm understanding of the needs and objectives of each participant.

• Assisting participants discover effective and realistic ways to settle contentious disputes, in a careful, methodical, step-by-step process.

• Empowering participants in their efforts to move ahead in the pursuit of their professional undertakings and individual aspirations.

• Overall, our clients find mediation a far more effective and manageable tool than litigation.

Facilitative mediation encourages participants to reach a solution by assisting them in communicating and negotiating in a neutral climate of fairness and balance. A facilitative mediator provides process. This does not include legal advice or opinions concerning the merits of any offers made during negotiations.

Issues discussed during mediation are completely confidential and the mediator is legally bound by an ongoing duty of confidentiality. All discussions during mediation are without prejudice. This means that participants are not bound by any admissions, offers, or acceptance.

Settlement agreements between participants are enforceable in the courts of England and Wales.

Advocates & Trial Specialists - Click for more information

As advocates, we are in court on a daily basis. From successfully overturning appeals at the Court of Appeal to mounting robust defences at trial in complex criminal or civil matters, we use our skills to deliver a professional service and obtain great results.

Defendants who appear at courtroom proceedings to represent themselves or with friends who are not legally qualified, cause needless delays and experience great frustration. Their matters rarely end amicably and with the desired result. This is due to the sheer lack of advocacy experience or vital legal knowledge and prior experience and training. Judges often sympathise and suggest obtaining legal representation. It is a well-recognised fact that robust legal representation yields proper results.

Please contact us with any questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!