Our India Practice

India and the United Kingdom share a unique bond with historical, cultural and economic ties.

As equal partners in trade and diplomacy, both countries have mutually contributed in growth and innovation over the past decades, especially in the fields of business, engineering, medicine, education, technology to name a few. The mutual exchange in skills, knowledge and technical expertise has only enhanced mutual ties. As partners in bilateral trade and investment, there are about 800 Indian companies in the U.K. which add an estimated £26 billion to the economy and support over 110,000 jobs in the U.K.

As India takes its rightful place as an economic powerhouse on the world’s stage, there is much potential in further growth through partnership and investment in infrastructure, automation, artificial intelligence, medicine and environmental development.

By the same token, upon leaving the European Union in 2019,  the United Kingdom is charting its own independent path on the global scene. The U.K. has opened its doors to new ventures and collaborations like never before. There is ripe opportunity for Indian businesses to expand their presence beyond the shores of India and buy into British industry, establish partnerships and establish their presence in a rich, vibrant international market.

Our Indo-British Expertise

Our joint presence in India and the U.K. enables us to stay at the forefront of all aspects of Indo-British Trade and Commerce. We serve as a portal to our clients in both jurisdictions and offer effective cross-border legal services in a plethora of areas.